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University Limousine Service & App. for Students

University Limousine Service & App. for Students

University Limo, a chauffeur service is in current development by John Snee, a senior economics from the Lowth Entrepreneurship Center. His service will cater to UT students who would access the ride through a ridesharing app.

Snee thought about this idea when he spent his first spring break with a friend who was going to UT at the time. When he went there it looked like a resort, the weather was great, but he hated the cold. He then went out for a night with friends in Ybor where he understood that there must be better way to roam around when possible. He said that Uber can’t ride a big group and if you have a big group then two Ubers are needed, so there’s no need to take an Uber when you are unable to ride together.

This app in development will work where one person from a group will sign up/log in the University Limo app creating a new ride with a unique name. The other members of that group will look up their ride through that unique name and will add themselves to the group. Minimum ride charges will be $20 (4 persons) and from inclusion of the fifth person a $5 charge per person will be added. The cost will be evenly split among that group.

Extra ad ups on this app would be to make a ride more stylish than an Uber where riders can get to choose from non-alcoholic drinks to snacks to play their own music for having a memorable night.

The app now has 15 popular locations located in it, but app user may also be able to type a specific address of their choice. Also there is a preset ride package for students to take them to a small happy hour bar crawl, which starts at Mac Dinton’s and ends at Station Grill.

Snee is optimistic on the many aspects of his business still being figured. He says he wants to be the new Uber, but should probably not say bad things about Uber, as they’re pretty big with lots of resources.

His app will be launched during the Fall 2017 semester, catering specifically to the UT students. He has some plans to move the business to Florida, including Miami and Gainesville, hoping to move into college towns. He wants to make business in each city and set a branch up himself.

But this business prospects will only be known after it is launched and based upon students’ reactions or indication on the app. A freshman finance major think it’s a great idea and said that whenever we plan to go out with our group of five, we used two or three Ubers, but now it will save money.

A University Limo with full passengers would cost students $45 in comparison to Uber’s $25 two XL vehicles to Ybor. So as per this information, this limo ride is a good investment for students.

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