Wedding Limousine made from 5 Different Cars by Gaza Citizen

Wedding Limousine made from 5 Different Cars by Gaza Citizen

A Gazan firm made one hell of a car with parts taken from five cars so to provide a dashing style limousine for weddings that need a glamour effect.

Palestinian Salama Al-Odi, a wedding planner went the creative way to make this car as he was unable to import a limousine due to the Gaza Strip been blocked under an Israeli rule for 10 years. The entry and exit of goods and people are tightly controlled.

The blockade is necessary, says Israeli officials, as it helps to prevent the entry of weapons or materials in the country, but UN officials want the block to be lifted saying it is deteriorating conditions of two million people in Palestine.

With poverty and unemployment spread at nearly 45 percent, Odi came out with his innovation. A group of men in his small mechanic shop took out parts from five different cars and added them to a white Mercedes. Around 30 people were involved in the design assisting in plans for creating a new limousine.

Odi said the car was built in 3 months that cost $21,000, with interiors including curtains completely made in Gaza. The car looks like a cross between a car and a spaceship, with its roof extending upward from the original top. The sides of the vehicle include hand painted designs.

Final touches still remain on the limo and that its first passenger, the bride and groom would be able to travel in it soon by Thursday.

Odi says his services will be affordable for young people in Gaza, as marriages here have been delayed due to lack of funding. He says that for his homemade vehicle being seen in the streets of the Gaza Strip, it will also bring out the message to people around to not care about Israeli restrictions and instead to carry on with their own life by inventing and embarking on an adventure.


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