Underage Limo Driver Claims Guilty and Walks Out Free in Fatal I-90 Crash

Underage Limo Driver Claims Guilty and Walks Out Free in Fatal I-90 Crash

The limo driver involved in the accident happened last year on the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway near Hoffman Estates that left one passenger dead and five others injured won’t serve any prison time over the crime committed.

As per Kane’s County state attorney’s office, Aaron T. Nash, 21 confessed being guilty on Thursday and was charged one felony count of violation of motor carrier safety law in exchange for two years’ probation.

On March 25th last year, Nash was driving a 1998 Lincoln limousine on I-90 when it hit a crash attenuator between milepost 55 and 56, and flipped on the roof, said prosecutors. As Nash was was not yet 21, he was not lawfully allowed to drive the limo.

As per Illinois State Police statement, Nash told that he was blinded by the sun which resulted in the hit. Unable to see the traffic lane pattern driver, Nash struck the end of the jay wall that caused the limo to roll over.

As per Elgin Fire Department’s statement, paramedics and firefighters on arrival had found that the rolled over limo had two people inside with five others already being out of the vehicle. A Streamwood paramedic who was not on duty while driving around in the area had provided medical aid to the injured.

53 year old Terri E. Schmidt of Monona, Wisconsin was the passenger who got killed in this unfortunate incident. The other five passengers included were a 59 year old woman from Monona, a 61 year old woman from Verona, 64 year old man from Verona, along with two other men, aged 53 and 45 from Fitchburg got injured, said authorities at the time.

Prosecutors said, Nash had initially turned himself in to the police, but was free on a $1,500 bond and was faced up to three years in prison.

Nash’s turning himself in beforehand over his mistake committed was the point to note that got him out, says well known chauffeur provider (of Limo Service San JoseSan Francisco Airport Limo Service and Limo Service San Jose Airport), Raj Limo.


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