Limo Driver Shot by Passenger in Pheonix

Limo Driver Shot by Passenger in Pheonix

A limo driver was shot by his passenger in western Phoenix during midnight hours.

The police investigating the case said that around 1 am a man was shot near 69th Avenue and Van Buren Street.

The man who had hired the limo services for the night did not want to pay for the extra services that went beyond the original contract.

When the driver went to confront the passenger in front of the passengers’ yard he then fired gun rounds at the driver many times.

The driver’s leg was struck twice in the situation.

When the police arrived, the suspect was arrested after locating him with the weapon in his hands.

The driver received non-life threatening injuries and was taken to a hospital for treatment.


Wedding Limousine made from 5 Different Cars by Gaza Citizen

Wedding Limousine made from 5 Different Cars by Gaza Citizen

A Gazan firm made one hell of a car with parts taken from five cars so to provide a dashing style limousine for weddings that need a glamour effect.

Palestinian Salama Al-Odi, a wedding planner went the creative way to make this car as he was unable to import a limousine due to the Gaza Strip been blocked under an Israeli rule for 10 years. The entry and exit of goods and people are tightly controlled.

The blockade is necessary, says Israeli officials, as it helps to prevent the entry of weapons or materials in the country, but UN officials want the block to be lifted saying it is deteriorating conditions of two million people in Palestine.

With poverty and unemployment spread at nearly 45 percent, Odi came out with his innovation. A group of men in his small mechanic shop took out parts from five different cars and added them to a white Mercedes. Around 30 people were involved in the design assisting in plans for creating a new limousine.

Odi said the car was built in 3 months that cost $21,000, with interiors including curtains completely made in Gaza. The car looks like a cross between a car and a spaceship, with its roof extending upward from the original top. The sides of the vehicle include hand painted designs.

Final touches still remain on the limo and that its first passenger, the bride and groom would be able to travel in it soon by Thursday.

Odi says his services will be affordable for young people in Gaza, as marriages here have been delayed due to lack of funding. He says that for his homemade vehicle being seen in the streets of the Gaza Strip, it will also bring out the message to people around to not care about Israeli restrictions and instead to carry on with their own life by inventing and embarking on an adventure.

Lexus LS500 F-Sport Limo to be Showcased @ New York Motor Show

Lexus LS500 F-Sport Limo to be Showcased @ New York Motor Show

Japanese brand Lexus revealed its LS500 sedan at the 2017 Detroit motor show in January, and will now showcase its raunchy F-Sport spec model for the upcoming 2017 New York motor show debut.

Talking about this sporty version, its mechanical aspect is same as in the sedan, but includes new upgrades inside and out compared to the debuted LS500.

The exterior view of the F-Sport’s includes new spindle front grille, reformed side panels, a re-worked rear end with specific 20-inch alloy wheels that adds more power to the fenders. To have a sportier appeal, the vehicle has larger brakes fitted and sports tuned air suspension to give the ooh feeling. 

The inside of Lexus composes of a new steering wheel with LFA inspired speedo and tachometer, suede trimmed seats, aluminum pedals and headliner.

The chassis control tech in the vehicle has the most advanced iteration in the LS F-Sport, which controls the car ride and flatness around the corners. Also it provides a greater comfort by impacting the brake response, steering and suspension. There are 3 selectable drive modes that controls the chassis system’s settings normal, Sport S or Sport S+. 

The F-Sport will be available in both petrol and hybrid power. The engine power in case of petrol variant is 310kW/600Nm 3.5-litre twin turbocharged V6 engine, while for the hybrid, 220kW/350Nm 3.6-litre V6 is powered to amp up this LS500h variant.

University Limousine Service & App. for Students

University Limousine Service & App. for Students

University Limo, a chauffeur service is in current development by John Snee, a senior economics from the Lowth Entrepreneurship Center. His service will cater to UT students who would access the ride through a ridesharing app.

Snee thought about this idea when he spent his first spring break with a friend who was going to UT at the time. When he went there it looked like a resort, the weather was great, but he hated the cold. He then went out for a night with friends in Ybor where he understood that there must be better way to roam around when possible. He said that Uber can’t ride a big group and if you have a big group then two Ubers are needed, so there’s no need to take an Uber when you are unable to ride together.

This app in development will work where one person from a group will sign up/log in the University Limo app creating a new ride with a unique name. The other members of that group will look up their ride through that unique name and will add themselves to the group. Minimum ride charges will be $20 (4 persons) and from inclusion of the fifth person a $5 charge per person will be added. The cost will be evenly split among that group.

Extra ad ups on this app would be to make a ride more stylish than an Uber where riders can get to choose from non-alcoholic drinks to snacks to play their own music for having a memorable night.

The app now has 15 popular locations located in it, but app user may also be able to type a specific address of their choice. Also there is a preset ride package for students to take them to a small happy hour bar crawl, which starts at Mac Dinton’s and ends at Station Grill.

Snee is optimistic on the many aspects of his business still being figured. He says he wants to be the new Uber, but should probably not say bad things about Uber, as they’re pretty big with lots of resources.

His app will be launched during the Fall 2017 semester, catering specifically to the UT students. He has some plans to move the business to Florida, including Miami and Gainesville, hoping to move into college towns. He wants to make business in each city and set a branch up himself.

But this business prospects will only be known after it is launched and based upon students’ reactions or indication on the app. A freshman finance major think it’s a great idea and said that whenever we plan to go out with our group of five, we used two or three Ubers, but now it will save money.

A University Limo with full passengers would cost students $45 in comparison to Uber’s $25 two XL vehicles to Ybor. So as per this information, this limo ride is a good investment for students.

Indeed a good move made, says well known chauffeur provider Raj Limo (of Limo Service San JoseSan Francisco Airport Limo Service and Limo Service San Jose Airport, shuttle service in san joseshuttle service san jose to san francisco airport), and adds that this app certainly would give competition to known car ride brands.

Nevada’s Law on Allowing No Competition b/w Limo Services is Crazy

Nevada’s Law on Allowing No Competition b/w Limo Services is Crazy

For businesses looking to expand and create more jobs in the field of limo services, it is bad news for them if doing so in the state of Nevada, as the rule present over there allows no competition to run between limo companies so as to remain at the fair level all the time. Crazy you could say, but that depends on you, how crazy other laws you might have seen or know about.

According to the existing law, the Nevada Transportation Authority has the power to deny purchase of additional vehicles by smaller companies if they are looking to expand their business. The reason is that expanding their fleets would increase or create unnecessary competition between motor transportations. Or for better understanding, if the fleet is increased by small companies then it would force big companies to expand their fleet too making intense competition. Nice free market place, don’t you think.

Earlier in 2015, Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval had vetoed a bill for stopping this practice based upon safety measures. But he did that only after signing a bill that allowed Uber and Lyft to operate in the state.

Anastasia Boden (attorney challenging anti-competitive occupational licensing laws), had earlier told that one of the smaller operators sued the state for upholding their constitutional rights to earn a free living in Nevada. Reno city residents Ron and Danell Perlman operate seven limousines in Nevada, and have nine limos used in California but they want to increase their fleet due to the rising demand. But they were not allowed to do that, as Boden said. Perlman’s application was protested by an already existing business stating that new competition would harm their business. Their application was rejected as they couldn’t prove that the market would be assisted by adding any additional limousines anywhere. And this problem is of market satisfaction not of the NTA.

The 2017 Legislature may help this rule to be halted through Assembly Bill 240, says Boden. She said that the bill includes all current existing safety regulations that also gets rid of old provisions allowing big companies to protest against new applications. Also the bill requires NTA to give licenses to qualified applicants (smaller companies) to do business satisfactorily, otherwise why were they granted acceptances to do business in the first place.

This Legislature would stand up against protectionism law, says Boden. Only now the bill needs to be put on Gov. Sandoval’s desk needing his signing to make AB 240 into law.

It is good that other states do not have laws like these, says well known chauffeur provider Raj Limo (of Limo Service San JoseSan Francisco Airport Limo Service and Limo Service San Jose Airport, shuttle service in san joseshuttle service san jose to san francisco airport), and adds that the bill 240 will take over the woes of the Nevada law.

Putin’s Next Limo Maybe Rolls Royce and Bentley Lookalike

Putin’s Next Limo Maybe Rolls Royce and Bentley Lookalike

Some photos of a mysterious prototype of a large sedan while undergoing driving tests were taken on a frozen lake in Sweden. This sedan was caught testing by automotive news reporting website motor

As per the story, this model may be considered as the next generation Russian presidential limousine. Its design included a touch from the older models of Rolls Royce and Bentley. And that this car will not only be available to Vladimir Putin or other statesmen, but also will be sold to other affording Russian customers.

There are different body styles planned for the new segment that includes a limousine, SUV, minivan and a sedan.  Moscow Times had earlier reported that the vehicle would enter production before the end of this year with deliveries to be rolled out. Some 5,000 units of all variants will be rolled out from the assembly lines in 2020.

Previous leaked patent images showed that it had a retro inspired design with short front and long rear overhangs. In 2014, the vehicle was reportedly being developed in cooperation between the Moscow-based Central Scientific Research Automobile and Automotive Institute and Porsche.

The engine of this vehicle would be a turbocharged V12 with earlier reports suggesting it to be a 6.0-liter motor with roughly 800 horsepower (596 kilowatts). Reading on this information should just be considered as a speculation as there does not include any official confirmations from both the side.


Underage Limo Driver Claims Guilty and Walks Out Free in Fatal I-90 Crash

Underage Limo Driver Claims Guilty and Walks Out Free in Fatal I-90 Crash

The limo driver involved in the accident happened last year on the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway near Hoffman Estates that left one passenger dead and five others injured won’t serve any prison time over the crime committed.

As per Kane’s County state attorney’s office, Aaron T. Nash, 21 confessed being guilty on Thursday and was charged one felony count of violation of motor carrier safety law in exchange for two years’ probation.

On March 25th last year, Nash was driving a 1998 Lincoln limousine on I-90 when it hit a crash attenuator between milepost 55 and 56, and flipped on the roof, said prosecutors. As Nash was was not yet 21, he was not lawfully allowed to drive the limo.

As per Illinois State Police statement, Nash told that he was blinded by the sun which resulted in the hit. Unable to see the traffic lane pattern driver, Nash struck the end of the jay wall that caused the limo to roll over.

As per Elgin Fire Department’s statement, paramedics and firefighters on arrival had found that the rolled over limo had two people inside with five others already being out of the vehicle. A Streamwood paramedic who was not on duty while driving around in the area had provided medical aid to the injured.

53 year old Terri E. Schmidt of Monona, Wisconsin was the passenger who got killed in this unfortunate incident. The other five passengers included were a 59 year old woman from Monona, a 61 year old woman from Verona, 64 year old man from Verona, along with two other men, aged 53 and 45 from Fitchburg got injured, said authorities at the time.

Prosecutors said, Nash had initially turned himself in to the police, but was free on a $1,500 bond and was faced up to three years in prison.

Nash’s turning himself in beforehand over his mistake committed was the point to note that got him out, says well known chauffeur provider (of Limo Service San JoseSan Francisco Airport Limo Service and Limo Service San Jose Airport), Raj Limo.